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Sensor Specifications

Our P2L sensors have following specifications:



D003 D013 C003 C013
Model P2L-Sensor Digital P2L-Sensor CAN-Bus
Version Standard ESD Standard ESD
Sensor type Proximity and ambient light sensor Vishay VCNL-4000
Light source Pulsed infrared light diode
Wavelength 890 nm
Light pulse rate / Frequency 390 kHz
Range ca. 0 – 200 mm, depending on the reflecting surface
Pick indicator/right box LED green
Error indicator/wrong action LED rot
Range setting Automatic permanent adjustment e.g. for refilling processes
Suppression of mutual interference Ja
Electrical parameters
Response/dropout time < 200 ms
Operating voltage range 24 V DC ± 10%
Power consumption max. ca. 25 mA each Sensor
Output circuit PNP CAN Bus
Input circuit 100 mA CAN Bus
Transmission rate 125 kBit/s
Reverse polarity protected Yes
Short circuit proof Ja
Mechanical parameters
Housing (W x D x H) 82 mm x 37 mm x 26 mm
Weight 40 g
Housing material 3D-print, plastics PA 12 fine
Mounting 2 x M4 screws
Connection 1x DIN 6-pin M8 2x DIN 4-pin M8
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature -10° C bis +50 °C
Sunlight / ambient light Suppressed, therefore no influence in recommended installation position, other installation positions possible if necessary


The following illustrations show all essential components and dimensions of our different sensor types.

D003/D013 Digital sensor

Dimensions of the D003 sensors

Dimensions of the D003 sensors


C003/C013 CAN sensors

Dimensions of the C003 sensors

Dimensions of the C003 sensors


You can find these and more informations in a PDF in our Download area.