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Installation of the P2L-System

General Structure of a Pick-to-light Control System

P2L digital

The digital P2L sensors are parallel connected to the PLC by a cable with 6-pole M8 sockets (not included in the scope of delivery), each with one cable via I/O.
The PLC supplies them with power.


Digital P2L sensors, parallel connection PLC with I/O MFR for

  • List control
  • Container control
  • Visualization


The P2L sensors with CAN bus are connected in series to the CAN bus module of the PLC by only one cable with 4-pin M8 connectors (not included in the scope of delivery). You can connect up to 100 sensors in one system.
The CAN bus line supplies the sensors with power centrally.


P2L sensors CAN Bus
connected in series
PLC with CAN bus module MFR for

  • List control
  • Container control
  • Visualization

Mounting of the ESD sensor

The sensor is fixed with screws to a suitable structure e.g. shelf, profile rail, bracket (not included) and should be mounted in such a way that the grab range is within the recommended distance of 50 -150 mm from the sensor.

For a better planning of the P2L sensors, CAD files (step) are also available in our download area. This allows you to optimally integrate the P2L sensors into your deployment architecture by adapting the design.

ESD assembly

The P2L ESD sensor is already grounded via the connector plug. However, we recommended that you additionally ground the housing during installation with toothed lock washers between the housing and the holder to ensure ESD safety.

Software: Assembly lists and operator guidance without programming

With the Pick-to-Light software CANductor from InSystems Automation, assembly control systems with our P2L sensors (with CAN bus) can be set up and controlled in a user-friendly, easy way and without programming knowledge. After selecting the product, the software controls the Pick-2-Light sensors in the correct order and monitors the correct sequence of assembly or picking. You can create and manage any number of assembly recipes or picking orders (parts lists, sequences, work instructions). With our Pick-2-Light software, our P2L sensors (CAN Bus) and a CAN Bus-USB adapter you get a complete intelligent assembly control system.

You can find further information at software.