CAN bus and digital

Our P2L sensors are at the cutting edge of industry 4.0 and are available in several versions: CAN bus, digital and in respective ESD version.

The digital P2L sensor and the P2L with CAN bus differ not only in the type of control, but also in the range of functions. In the digital version, each individual sensor is electrically connected directly to the I/Os of the PLC in the control cabinet. The integration is easy as the customer can create the control software.

With the P2L with CAN bus, more than 100 sensors can be looped through in series, which eliminates several meters of connecting cable and a lot of work in the electrical installation.
The control via CAN bus also offers extended possibilities in the process flow, as the signal lamps can be controlled individually depending on the task.

For more information about these different types of sensors, how our system works, and possible requirements for a successful installation of a Pick-to-Light system, please look here