On this page you can find links to download more detailed information about our pick-to-light system.


 Montage- und Betriebsanleitung P2L 003

Data sheet for all sensor types 003. Contains information about safety, use, assembly and disposal (PDF 2,5 MB).

 REACH Erklärung

Explanation to Direction (EU) Nr. 1907/2006 (PDF 217 kB).

 Applikationsbericht Pick-to-Light Montagesystem

A detailed description of a realized  Pick-to-Light assembly system. The articles focuses on the possibilities of the control technology and software (PDF 290 kB).

P2L Digital


Technical datasheet P2L D003

Data, dimensions and assembly instructions  for our digital P2L sensor model (PDF 248 kB).


Step data with CAD data

CAD data to use in the construction of deployment architectures(zip data 175 kB).


Technical data sheet P2L C003

Data, dimensions and assembly instructions for our P2L sensor model with CAN Bus (PDF 295 kB).


Beckhoff library and program for controlling of the P2L sensor in der CAN bus model (zip 3 MB).

The library is part of the source code of the program , so that you can directly supervise the function of the library. We supply the program as library with building blocks, as an example program which uses the library and as source code. The ZIP data include detailed operating instructions for the P2L program and the library documentation.

Software CANductor

 CANductor trial software

The CANductor trial software is valid for 30 days. It has all the functions of the full version (zip 7 MB).

 CANductor Software Bedienungsanleitung

Important information about CANductor (PDF 2 MB).